Dog Maxi Vegi-sausage, Classic

Vegan food supplement for dogs. Sightly smoked with mild sausage taste.

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Order-No:  104
Content:  700 g
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100%:  vegan
The Vegusto-Dog Maxi Vegi-sausage an absolute favourite with many dogs using high quality ingredients to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Simply cut into cubes and serve au naturel or dressed up with your dog favourite vegetables.

Vegusto?s dog food is specifically designed for vegan gourmet dogs using the finest and freshest ingredients. To ensure a healthy dog we suggest providing lots of variety for your dog friend alternating various vegan dry and wet foods.
All of Vegusto?s dog food contains a purely plant-based supplement for all essential dog nutrients which was developed in 1986 (!) and has been used by many animal lovers all over the world since then.
Are you looking for a purely plant-based (vegetarian/ vegan) dog food? Then this is the right place to be.
Our range of pet food includes our own homemade products as well as selected products from other producers. All of our products are 100% vegetarian (vegan), completely free of animal based ingredients and cruelty-free.
There are not only ethical reasons behind feeding your dog vegan, but also obvious health benefits for offering dogs a plant-based diet. This is due to more and more dogs suffering from skin problems because of the high amount of animal protein, antibiotics and hormones contained in commercially available dog food.
The most common argument against vegetarian dog nutrition is probably that a dog supposedly is not able to survive on a plant based diet arguing that the dog is a descendant of the wolf. Unlike the wolf however, the dog has adjusted in its course of evolution to be more and more domesticated and adapted himself more and more to the human nutrition and thus progressed, by the inherent ability to digest vegetable food, from carnivores to omnivores.
In natural surroundings, nearly all carnivores instinctively also eat herbal foods as this is important for their survival. For example, carnivores primarily tend to eat the innards of prey animals along with the partially digested plants.
If you closely examine the composition of meat-based dog food, you will notice that it is not made of meat only, but artificially enriched with all essential nutrients dogs need, the reason being that dogs won’t be sustained of meat alone over a certain span of time. Besides, vegetables and cereals should be generously included in their food as they contain many essential nutrients.
To ensure an all-embracing supply of essential nutrients over a long period of time, the composition of the dog food needs to be nutritionally well-balanced. This is to say, energy, mineral and protein requirements need to be met, vitamins must be supplied and all ingredients have to be available in an optimal balance.
If you decide to feed your dog a vegetarian diet, we recommend that you continue reading the topic.
You will find many valuable tips on the web.
As a matter of course, all our Vegusto dog food is free of genetically modified organisms and artificial colourants and preservatives. We only provide products that are not tested on animals. Please always keep Vegusto pet food refrigerated. You can also freeze Vegusto’s dog food without the loss of quality.
Pet food nutritional information:
Crude fibre: 0.5 %
Crude oils and fats: 4.7 %
Crude protein: 26.3 %
Crude ash: 1.4 %
Moisture: 54.7 %
7 weeks shelf life as alway freshly produced.
Keep refrigerated (3°-7°C), freezable
water, wheat protein (gluten), sunflower oil, yeast, vitamins and minerals: [dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, ascophyllum nodosum (source of arachidonate), taurine, zinc oxide, ferrous sulfate, vitamin E, vitamin B4 (choline chloride), sodium selenite, vitamin B12, vitamin D2, vitamin A-acetat], spices, rice starch, vegetable concentrate, rock salt, natural smoke flavour
Productname: Dog Maxi Vegi-sausage, Classic
Order number: 104
Content: 700 g
EAN-Code: 7640144051044
Manufacturer: Vegi-Service AG, Schweiz,
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Content: 18 pieces
EAN-Code: 7640144059385
Weight incl. packaging: 13.100 kg
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